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Cheeky 1.48.1

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Napisano 2014.07.02, 14:33

Cheeky 1.48.1


Dołączona grafika


Data wysłania: 2014.07.02, 15:33

Data aktualizacji: 2015.05.30, 16:19

Cheeky Animated 3D Puppet-Look Smileys


The Cheeky theme is provided as a free Open Source product designed and coded by a professional design office. It consists of lots of funny 3D animated smileys, rendered using a real physics engine producing really neat gravity, wind, lighting, hair and facial expression. inviticon, the project owner and main contributor, publishes an updated release every week, including more smileys, more improvements, more fun... So stay tuned for more ...or visit the Cheeky Web Site for more stuff!


Tell us your idea about Cheeky, we'd really love to hear from you!


You can support this open source project by ordering a cool Cheeky T-shirt!


Provided by inviticon ~ Digital Design Services.


Zmiany w Cheeky 1.48.1

  • Added new 'spy' and 'eased' emoticons

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  • Oconnel, Silverlight i karololszak lubią to

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